Rilakkuma Mirror

I’ve been a big fan of Rilakkuma, a Japanese bear character by San-X, ever since I visited Japan three years ago. I found this portable mirror at a Japanese stationary store called Maido here in California:

I’ve been looking for a cute makeup mirror I could take with me when I travel, and this one is perfect! When it’s closed, it’s really compact and fits nicely in my Carry-All MAC case. I can position the mirror to either stand straight or at an angle depending on where I put it when I’m using it.

The name “Rilakkuma” is a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of “relax” and “bear”. As a result, there are a lot of drawings and cute products that show this bear sleeping, eating, reading, listening to music, and just always relaxing! This bear has a zipper on his backside, which is represented on the back of this mirror. Here’s how it looks like from the back when the mirror is upright:

When I travel and don’t have a wall-mounted mirror with good lighting nearby, I’ve been using the horizontal mirror that is part of my Carry-All MAC case, but I can only really look at one area of my face at a time (eyes, cheeks, or lips) and it doesn’t stand up by itself. This Rilakkuma mirror is great, because I can see my whole face and keep my hands free!

I positioned my Rilakkuma mini plush in front of the mirror so you can see its sharp reflection. :)


LollyJune 9th, 2010 at 12:41 am

Have you seen the MAC Hello Kitty compact mirrors?

They’re not flat but they are cute (and expensive to boot).

WyceeJune 9th, 2010 at 1:12 am

My boyfriend gave me a few items from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection that launched in February 2009 for Valentine’s Day. :) I don’t have the compact mirror, but I do have the Hello Kitty brush set that has 3 limited edition brushes:

The original price of the purse mirror was US$22 and the brush set was US$49.50. Hello Kitty is just too cute, but not cute enough to pay these really high prices!

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