How to Create a Balanced Makeup Look

Creating balance with the makeup on your face is purely based on your own personal preference. When it comes to professional makeup, there are four basic combinations that can result in the most balanced looks (click to enlarge pictures):

  1. Light eyes and light lips
  2. Light eyes and dark lips
  3. Dark eyes and light lips
  4. Dark eyes and dark lips

Each of these combinations creates a different effect, and it’s up to you to play with makeup, try these combinations, and see which ones (if not all) you like most with your features.

Here’s a description of each combination and examples of my past looks that fall under each category:

1. Light Eyes and Light Lips

This is the natural “no makeup” look that’s great for everyday makeup and for those who prefer to either not wear much makeup or make it seem like they are not. You will notice that this combination is the most common that Hollywood actresses usually wear both on and off screen. If you want to show off color and/or glowy cheeks, then this combination will help make your cheeks stand out.


2. Light Eyes and Dark Lips

This combination is best known in vintage makeup looks, such as Marilyn Monroe’s subtle eyes and red lips. If you have a great pair of lips and want to show them off, then this combination will be the most flattering. Red lipstick isn’t the only color that falls under this category — try vivid pinks/corals and dark browns/plums too!


3. Dark Eyes and Light Lips

Think Kim Kardashian — smokey eyes with nude lips. This combination is perfect for dramatic nighttime looks. To really make your eyeshadow the focus of your face, make your cheeks light as well as your lips.


4. Dark Eyes and Dark Lips

This is the most dramatic of the combinations and great for special occasions. However, I’ve found that depending on what colors you use, even if they appear dark you can still wear them as if everyday is an occasion (such as the brown colors I used on the right).


I love playing with colors, so I tend to wear a lot of the bottom two combinations. However, when I was in college, my makeup usually fell under the top two combinations because they are generally quicker to do.

Have fun and experiment with your makeup!


JenJune 12th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Love the light eyes and dark lips one :) Very pretty!

LilyJune 13th, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Look No. 3 is my Fav!

WyceeJune 17th, 2010 at 2:03 am

I wore combination #3 almost everyday while I was in Las Vegas these past few days (except when I flew back last night — I wore combination #2!). :)

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