Everything You Need to Know About False Eyelashes

Here’s a request I got that pretty much covers everything you need to know about false eyelashes:

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“Hi Wycee! Please could you write an article about false eyelashes- how to pick the right ones for the look you’d like to achieve (in my case, dramatic/50s), how to apply (for those of us that are worried that it’s a fiddly business!), whether to put eye make-up on before/after applying eyelashes, how to remove them and the glue, and finally, how to clean them for re-use. Many thanks in advance!”


I like to wear false eyelashes when there’s a special occasion. The false eyelashes I choose to wear to a particular event depends on what type of look I’m trying to achieve. For parties, Halloween, and anytime I want to stick out from the crowd, I love dramatic eyelashes (ex. lashes that have very long lashes on the outer corners, lashes with feathers, and extremely long “spider” lashes, shown below respectively — click to enlarge pictures):

For weddings and family/daytime events, I usually stick to natural looking lashes (which I used in the step-by-step pictures below).

Before you apply false eyelashes:

  • Apply eyeshadow, if desired (I always apply eyeshadow before I apply false eyelashes, because the lashes could get in the way if I applied them first. However, wait to apply mascara until after the false lashes are on securely).
  • Apply eyeliner.
  • Coat the entire false eyelashes with powder while they’re still attached to the plastic tray it came with in the packaging. This helps prevent the false lashes from sticking together, but this isn’t a required step.



Gather the following (or similar) items:

  • Pair of false eyelashes
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive
  • Small scissors
  • Brush with thin handle
  • Orange wood stick (you can find these in the nail polish/supplies section at your local drug store) or a Q-tip
  • Tweezers

You will also need mascara at the end to blend in your real lashes with the fake ones.


Gently peel off the false eyelash by rolling it off the container with your thumb and index finger.


Tug the eyelash band a little, and then squish them inwards (as shown on the right). Roll the false eyelashes by moving one side down while moving the other side up — do this a few times to help make the band more flexible.


Look down and align the false eyelashes along your lash line. It helps to hold the false eyelashes with a tweezer. While keeping your iris as centered as possible, notice where the color of your iris begins (the side closer to your nose, as indicated by the pink line). Then count the number of lash clusters on the eyelash band from the end closest to your nose until you reach the part where the color of your iris begins.


Clip the inner part of the false eyelash band that you counted off in Step 4. The inner part (the one that will be closest to your nose) is usually the part of the band where the lashes are the shortest — if this is not the case, then check that you have the correct false eyelash band for the eye you are applying it to.

Since everyone’s eye shape and size are different, measuring the false eyelashes and clipping off a part of it will help the false lashes fit better as well as prevent it from irritating your inner corner.


Apply some Duo Eyelash Adhesive on the end of an orange wood stick.

If you don’t have an orange wood stick, you could break a Q-tip in half and apply glue on one of the broken ends.


Apply glue along the false eyelash band with the orange wood stick (or Q-tip). Make a few passes with the glue to make sure there is glue on the entire band, especially the middle and both ends.

Allow the glue to dry for a few seconds — the tackier the glue is, the better.


Hold the false eyelashes with a tweezer on the outside corner and your thumb and index finger on the inner part. Look down and align the false eyelashes by focusing on the middle first by making contact there, and then pressing down the ends. Follow the shape of your eyeliner/your natural eyelash curve.

Then lightly pinch the false eyelashes and press the band into and slightly upwards on your skin.


Use the end of a brush with a thin handle to help press the false eyelashes in and upwards. This will help the eyelashes sit up and be even more noticeable.

You can also use the end of the brush handle to press in the outer and inner parts of the lash band to make sure they are glued in well.


Touch up your eyeliner by going over it again, making sure to cover up the false eyelash band.


Apply mascara to both your natural and fake eyelashes. A trick to bond your real lashes with the false ones is to lightly place your pinkie finger behind the false eyelashes, and then use the mascara wand to press your natural lashes to the fake ones.

Now go back to Step 2 and repeat the rest of the steps for your other eye!


To remove your false eyelashes, just take a Q-tip and soak it in some eye makeup remover. Swipe the Q-tip along your lash line back and forth a few times, and you will start to notice the false eyelashes loosening from your lash line. Once the false eyelashes are pretty loose, use your thumb and index finger to gently pull it off.


For future use, you can use some of the same makeup remover and a tissue to remove the remaining glue and mascara on your fake eyelashes (lightly wipe them repeatedly in the direction from band to tip of lashes). Then place the false lashes back on the plastic tray it came with. You can also put some Duo glue along the tray to help the false lashes sit the same way it came in the packaging. Alternatively, I like to use Blinc Kiss Me Mascara (click here to read my review) when I use false eyelashes, because they are really easy to remove. This way I just use some water and a little bit of soap and the mascara just slides right off the false lashes! :)

If you’re good about cleaning your false eyelashes and are careful with them, they can last for a few wears. I wear false lashes so infrequently that I usually don’t wear the same pair of false lashes more than twice (and if I apply them on clients they are always brand new and single use). If the hairs are falling off, the band is damaged, etc., it’s time to throw them away.

Good luck!

July 13th, 2010 in Techniques | Share