Halloween Makeup Look: Leopard

This is a makeup look where I transformed myself into a leopard. I did this back in April 2009 when I was working on animal makeup. I thought I’d share this picture, since it could be a fun Halloween look. I didn’t use any liquid latex or add anything extra on my face besides makeup. I used Mehron StarBlend Pancake Makeup and Ben Nye Creme Makeup, which are two popular theatrical/stage makeup brands. However, you can just use powders, eye shadows/pencils, or creams in similar colors (white, black, and browns) to recreate this look.

When you’re doing animal makeup, do some research on the animal you’re trying to create — look at several pictures, and try to capture as many of its physical characteristics as you can. For example, if you focus on an animal’s eye, look at the surrounding texture and color placements. Sketch a picture of how you could transform the area around the animal’s eye to a human eye, as I did on the picture on the right.

Depending on what animal you’re making, you probably only need to put base (foundation) on part of your face depending on the colors of your animal. For this look, I didn’t use any base at all. I started off by using a dark brown eye pencil to draw the lines around my eyes, to mark where I wanted my spots, to outline my nose and lips, and to create lines down my nose. Then I applied makeup going from lighter colors first and then working my way to the darkest ones. I first placed lighter colors to highlight (pop out) certain areas and to create the mouth, and then I began filling in the spots and defining the eyes, nose, and mouth. I also used a dry brush to create hair/fur texture on my face.

Let me know what you’re going to be for Halloween! :)

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