Halloween Makeup Look – Old Age

Have you ever thought about being an older version of yourself for Halloween? If so, all you need are three powders (or creams or matte eye shadows) in white, medium brown, and dark brown to create this look! I applied Old Age makeup on my older sister to make her look a little bit older on her birthday (yes, that was pretty evil of me, but she had a lot of fun posing for pictures with her new look haha ;)). Here’s how her transformation turned out:

Start by using the medium brown color to do the following:

  • Raise your eyebrows to see where your forehead wrinkles. Pick 3 or 4 “wrinkles” and go over them with the medium brown color. Also draw in a line above each eyebrow that mimics the shape of your own eyebrow.
  • Make an angry face by scrunching your nose and lowering your eyebrows. Apply color to the two vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows. If you don’t see them, just improvise.
  • Create a droopy eyelid by placing a diagonal line on your eye area, starting from just outside of the outer eye going upwards toward the eyebrow. Also go over your crease, and draw in horizontal lines near the outer corner of your eye to create “crows’ feet” (small wrinkles).
  • Contour the sides of your nose.
  • Darken your eye bag.
  • Outline the edge of your cheeks, starting from the outside of your nostrils. These lines are “nasolabial folds”, commonly known as laugh/smile lines. Create another curve along the bottom of your cheeks to make saggy cheeks, which I was working on in the photo below:
  • Shadow the dip above your upper lip and the curve of your chin just below your lower lip. You can add extra lines above the sides of your upper lip as well.
  • Tighten your neck, and shade any hallow areas you might see and either side of the Adam’s Apple (which women do have — it’s just less noticeable).

Now go back to each of those steps with a dark brown color, and go over any areas your want to further emphasize by placing the dark brown in the middle of the medium brown already on your face (use thin lines). Then go over the steps again with the white color to highlight each brown line by placing white above and below any brown line. This will create more depth. And you’re done!

This picture shows how my sister looked after I glamed her up with some red lipstick (since she said she wanted to look nice on her birthday LOL):

You could also use this makeup if you want to dress up as a scary lady you’d see in a horror movie (which my sister was acting out on the left) or a silly old lady (on the right).

This was a lot of fun to do — my family was laughing the whole time they were watching me do this to my sister. :)

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