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  • Bear and Bee Measuring Tape - November 29th, 2010
  • I wrote about a flower pot measuring tape last month, and now I found another kind to add to what seems to be a growing collection of cute measuring instruments. The bear is nicely detailed with a cute bead nose, eyelashes, and a polka-dot bow. There’s a bee that sits right on top of the bear’s head. When you’re ready to measure something, just pull the bee away from the bear to reveal the measuring tape!

  • Inglot Colorful EOTD - November 27th, 2010
  • This Eye of the Day shows how to incorporate gel eyeliners with lots of eye shadows to add even more color to your eye makeup. I used my new Ingot eye shadows and gel liners to create this look, but as with all my looks you can just use similar colors from any brand you like.

  • Fashion Friday: Episode 43 - November 26th, 2010
  • At the end of last week’s Fashion Friday where I wrote about the accessories I got as souvenirs in London and Scotland, I mentioned that I also got some accessories in Paris that I would wait to share with you all. Now the time has come! During my vacation, I spent one day in Paris where my boyfriend ended up giving me some very memorable accessories…

  • Pale Pink and Brown with Bright Pink Lips Look - November 24th, 2010
  • When I want a bright pink lipstick to be the main focus of my makeup, I like to wear more of a neutral eye that integrates a light pink eye shadow. I also like to wear bright lipsticks when I don’t have time to do much with my eyes. See how the bright lipstick stands out in the visually and historically “dark” scenery of the Tower of London!

  • Pink and Blonde Highlights - November 22nd, 2010
  • I went to the salon to touch up the low-maintenance blonde highlights I wrote about back in July. Since then, my hair grew out about 3 inches. I really liked the highlights I got, but I wanted a little something to make my hair a bit different. So I decided to get some pink highlights mixed in with the side sections of blonde highlights I have near each ear. I’ve never had my hair dyed pink before, so I thought it would be fun (and it matches the pink color on this website’s logo)!