Fashion Friday: Episode 42

When I go on vacation, I like to buy accessories as souvenirs, so that when I wear them later on they remind me of all the beautiful places I’ve visited. It’s also my small way of supporting the preservation of these historic areas, since I buy them from their official gift shops. For this Fashion Friday, I want to show you pictures of my souvenir accessories and the locations where I got them.

The first place I visited (after taking the first day to adjust to the time difference) was Tower of London. The Yeomen guards (aka Beefeaters) give tours, and they are by far one of the funniest tour guides I’ve ever seen. The British Crown Jewels are kept there, which is also home of the Great Star of Aftrica — a 530.4 carat diamond!

Right after seeing all the sparkly jewels, I stopped by their Jewel House Shop that sells exclusive products based on the Crown Jewels. I got the earrings in the pink and black box from there. The other earrings in the picture below are from Stonehenge, an ancient stone circle that’s also one of the Wonders of the Medieval World. These earrings represent the Trilithons, the huge upright stones and massive lintels that make up Stonehenge. I also liked these earrings because they look like pi symbols (3.14159… have I mentioned that I used to be President of the Mathematical Undergraduate Student Association at UC Berkeley? :)).

These next two pairs of earrings are both from Canterbury Cathedral located in Canterbury, Kent:

Canterbury Cathedral (shown on the right) is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. It’s extremely massive and beautifully detailed, both inside and out. I got the blue earrings as a reminder of the beautiful blue colors on several of the cathedral’s stained glass windows. The other earrings were made with real flowers — two tiny rosebuds.

The earrings on the left are from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. They incorporate Celtic interlacing — with its “over and unders” representing the “ups and downs” of life, and the unbroken continuity to symbolize hope of eternal life. The bow-shaped brooch is something I just got because I love bows! On the right, my boyfriend and I are standing in front of the castle (right before the rain poured down).

Last but not least, I want to share one more accessory that wasn’t included in the first picture. The last accessory is from the gorgeous Leeds Castle, a picture-perfect medieval castle surrounded by a shimmering lake:

There were a lot of peacocks just outside of the castle, like the one I took a picture of on the left. I got this colorful and very detailed scarf from their gift shop that will always remind me of the peacocks I saw there. This is only half of the scarf — there’s another peacock that looks just like this on the other half.

During my trip, I also spent one day in Paris. I got some pretty cool accessories there too, but that will have to wait for another post. :)

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