Pink and Blonde Highlights

I went to the salon to touch up the low-maintenance blonde highlights I wrote about back in July. Since then, my hair grew out about 3 inches. I really liked the highlights I got, but I wanted a little something to make my hair not completely the same as it was over the summer. So I decided to get some pink highlights mixed in with the side sections of blonde highlights I have near each ear. I’ve never had my hair dyed pink before, so I thought it would be fun (and it matches the pink color on this website’s logo :)).

These pictures were taken at the end of the day (the makeup I wore here is the Inglot Green and Brown Look, which still looked pretty good after 12 hours of wear). Here’s how my new hairstyle looks on the side and from the back.

I wanted the pink highlights to peek out from my brunette hair, so I asked for the top half of both side blonde sections to be pink and the rest left blonde. If I leave my hair down, the pink doesn’t show too much — just mostly at the ends (like in the very first picture of this post). However, I can part my hair in a way that makes more of the pink sections appear, like in the pictures below:

As with funky colors like this, the pink will fade rather quickly (about 2 weeks, more or less depending on how often you wash your hair). I had red highlights once, and that washed off in about a week and a half since I like to wash my hair everyday. If you’ve been thinking about trying highlights like these, check out my clip-in hair extensions and my Hairlocs Hair Extensions reviews first and see which method of getting colorful highlights works best for you! If you do get pink highlights as well (or if you already have some), try out my Hot Pink Look! :)

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