Bear and Bee Measuring Tape

I wrote about a flower pot measuring tape last month, and now I found another kind to add to what seems to be a growing collection of cute measuring instruments. I got this adorable bear from an awesome store called Supa Kuru in Edinburgh, Scotland that I happened to run into to escape the rain. Even the tag is so cute that I’m not going to remove it — it is made of yellow cloth and looks like a ruler:

The bear is nicely detailed with a cute bead nose, eyelashes, and a polka-dot bow. There’s a bee that sits right on top of the bear’s head. When you’re ready to measure something, just pull the bee away from the bear to reveal the measuring tape. Retract the measuring tape by pressing down on the center of the back of the bear’s head (where the pink arrow is pointing to).

Here’s how it looks like when the bee is pulled. Similar to the flower pot, this measuring tape also measures up to 60 inches (or up to 150 cm, shown on the other side of the tape).

I bought this for 5.99 pounds, which is approximately $9.50 US. I just might keep this one in my purse to keep with me at all times… in case some kind of measuring emergency comes up! :)

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