Pumpkin Carving Gadgets

Carving and lighting pumpkins just got more convenient after discovering these new gadgets — a Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit and Remote Control Pumpkin Lights. I picked up the Dremel at my nearby Lowe’s home improvement store ($24.97) and the lights at Williams-Sonoma ($19.95). Check out how I used these to carve and display my pumpkin in the pictures below!

I like to design my own pumpkin template every year — just a freehand drawing where I shade in the areas that should not be cut. You can see my template in the picture on the left. This is my first time making a Hello Kitty and My Melody pumpkin. :) I taped the template to the pumpkin, and poked an outline of it (shown on the right).

Always carve the small areas first — the Dremel came in really handy for this! This 2-speed cordless pumpkin carving Dremel helps etch smooth, round shapes (such as Hello Kitty and My Melody’s eyes and noses) as well as outline and create 3D shading. The low 7000 rpm speed is for outlining, and the high 14000 rpm speed is for surface carving. The Dremel runs on 4 AA batteries. It comes with a 191 high-speed cutter accessory (and it says it can be used with most Dremel accessories!). Since this Dremel kit is intended for removing layers of pumpkin skin rather than cutting directly through the pumpkin, I used it to create a smooth outline that I then carved out with a small knife.

The pictures below show the finished product! The picture on the right is how the pumpkin looks lit up with one of the two LED lights that comes with the remote control light kit from Williams-Sonoma. The LED light was surprisingly brighter than I had expected, has adjustable brightness, and can be set to be steady or to flicker to make it look like a traditional candle. Since it comes with two lights on one remote control, the flicker mode sets the timing of the flicker on each light differently so it really does look each pumpkin is lit up by its own candle!

The picture on the left shows the remote control that can be used up to 20 feet away. I love how I don’t have to reach inside the pumpkin to light it up! With LED lights, you also don’t have to worry about candles blowing out or burning your pumpkin!

The picture on the right shows both LED lights in action, with my fiance’s haunted house pumpkin on the right. :) I definitely recommend checking out these gadgets for your next pumpkin carving project!

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