Essie Nail Lacquer in “Turquiose & Caicos”

Mint is one of the color trends for Spring 2012. I’ve been seeing it everywhere… except for my closet. As the hunt continues for something mint to add to my wardrobe, I figured I’d just paint my nails a shade of mint. I bought this Essie Nail Lacquer in “Turquoise & Caicos” last summer, but I had it sitting on my vanity all this time. I bought it because the color reminded me of Tiffany Blue, the color of Tiffany & Co. boxes. :) The color is distinctly green-based so it looks like a dark mint color. I can see myself wearing this nail polish a lot this spring and summer!

My only complaint is that it takes at least 2-3 coats to get the color 100% opaque. After applying Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat, I had to put two thick coats since the first coat was very streaky. Even after two coats I had to go over some of my nails in order for the color to be completely opaque. As a result, this took a bit longer to apply and dry, but I like the color a lot for it to be worth the extra time. Since I ran out of my favorite Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat. This picture was taken 3 days after I applied this nail polish. I’m on Day 5 now, and it still looks great — just the tip of one nail is starting to wear off. I got my Essie “Turquoise & Caicos” at CVS for $8.00.


marinaFebruary 29th, 2012 at 7:57 am

Is what I have on my nails right now. I love it. I bought a the same time the lux effect shine of the time.

WyceeFebruary 29th, 2012 at 11:11 pm

Hi Marina! Nice! The color is so fresh and unique. :)

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