Fashion Friday: Military-Inspired Jacket

One of my biggest shopping regrets was not getting this beautiful cape when I had the chance in November 2010:

This is the Fusion Portia Cape from a UK store called Monsoon. At the time, I was on vacation shopping at Westfield London Shopping Centre. I saw this cape on a window display and was so fixated on the beautiful gold embellishments. I went inside the store to try it on, and it was gorgeous… but the collar was extremely tall. :( The cape was £120.00 (about $190 US), so I couldn’t justify buying it and not being able to wear it comfortably. Ever since then, I found myself thinking about this embroidered cape quite often and how I should have just bought it and taken it to a tailor to shorten the collar. A couple months after I returned from London, I checked online to see if Monsoon could ship internationally but they no longer sold these capes.

If anyone out there has a Fusion Portia Cape they’d like to sell to me, let me know! In the meantime, I have been searching for similar military-inspired outerwear with gold embroidery and buttons. The closest I’ve found so far is this Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren jacket. I saw it in an ad in a magazine, and I liked that it has my favorite color combination — blue and gold (GO BEARS!). This jacket is called Fleece Officer’s Jacket (it’s made of really soft fleece), and I found it at Macy’s for $198.00. Although it’s not as elegant as my cape-that-got-away, I like that this jacket has elements that remind me of it. :)

Cute Recruit Jacket High-Ranking Style Coat At Attention Vest

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Eden-AvalonMarch 23rd, 2012 at 12:13 pm

I have a few military inspired jackets. Unfortunately they’re all cropped and i’m rather hippy so I hesitate to wear them.

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