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Wantable.co is a new makeup experience that allows you to create a customized box filled with full-sized products selected by pro makeup artists. Their system enables you to select and receive makeup that you are interested in by answering a short questionnaire when you sign up. I was contacted by Jaclyn from Wantable.co to try out a box and share my experience with you all! This is a picture heavy and fairly long post, since I want to give a detailed review of everything I received as well (not just list the products I received). :) What makes Wantable different from similar companies like Birchbox is that they give you the ability to select the type of makeup you want (ex. waterproof mascara, bright eye shadow, pink lipstick, neutral nail polish, etc.), you receive full-size products instead of samples, and you are not required to subscribe. You can purchase a single box for $40 or sign up for a monthly subscription (that can be paused or canceled at anytime) for $36. Now let’s see what’s inside my box!

First off, I received two nail polishes by MyFace Cosmetics — Lil’ Bling Chrome Nail Polish in “Raspberry Beret” (raspberry pink) and “Limelight” (electric green and yellow). I decided to use both of these for Christmas as a twist to the traditional red and green. The formula is fairly thick, so you have be careful applying the layers as thin as possible and let each layer dry completely before applying the next/top coat (otherwise you’ll end up with air bubbles). These retail for $12.00 each, but I wouldn’t pay that much for these if I had bought them separately. I recently purchased an Essie nail polish called “No Place Like Chrome” for $8.00 that I would prefer in terms of color and quality.

The eyeshadow that came in my box is SILKSCREEN Eye Art Eyeshadow Due in “#61 Siren”. This product is also by MyFace Cosmetics, and it retails for $22.00. I was actually sent this eyeshadow by mistake, since I had written to Wantable prior to ordering the box about not wanting any eye shadows containing red pigment (I’m allergic to it). When I informed them about it, they sent me a different eyeshadow right away (that I’ve also reviewed further down). I just swatched both colors (see picture on the left), and I didn’t end up using this duo at all. I also got MiA BelleZZa Luxe Creme Gel Liner in “Marrone”, shown on the right. This is a brown color that can be applied lightly for a natural look or can be built up for a more dramatic look. This retails for $16.50. The only issue I have with this gel liner is that it dries a little too quickly, so I can’t fade the end of the wing as easily as I can with other gel liner brands.

The fifth and final full-sized product that came in my (original) box is MyFace Cosmetics High Def Lip Pencil in “Rosebud”. This matte pencil retails for $16.00. The pencils in this line are categorized by skin tones, and this particular color is supposed to be flattering for medium skin tones. When I applied this, the color turned out to be very close to my natural lip color. If you fill your lips in with it (like I did in the picture below), the matte formula can really dry out your lips. I ended up applying some clear lip balm on top of it to help with the dryness.

There was also a bonus sample Kai Fragrance Oil perfume was included in my box, but I found the scent to be a little too strong for my taste.

When I was initially contacted by Wantable, they used to have “style profiles” that had complete looks based on a style that matches you most (for example, “Classic Chic” for neutral eyes and red lips, “Glamour Girl” for smokey eyes and neutral lips, “Rock Rebel” for an edgy look with bold liner, etc.). I actually prefer these style profiles more than the new system of just saying which products you like/dislike, because the styles were creative and fun (and there used to be pictures of what products came with each style). I saw the eyeshadow pictured below in the “Classic Chic” box that I wanted to try, so I specifically requested for this eyeshadow for the replacement I mentioned earlier. This one is called MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in “Sp’ice’y”. Check out the gorgeous shimmer in the swatch below! I also applied it lightly on the center of my lid in the picture on the right (the eye liner I used is the MiA BelleZZa in “Marrone” that I mentioned above, and the other eye shadows I used are from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette). This eyeshadow sells for $20.00, and it is my favorite item that I received from Wantable.

I do want to commend Wantable’s customer service — not only were they quick to respond, they were quick to ship me my replacement eyeshadow. They also sent me a bracelet, shown on the right. The bracelet is a sneak peak of their Fashion Jewelry Box collection for the month of January.

Taking into consideration what I received in my initial makeup box, the value of the products is $12.00 + $12.00 + $22.00 + $16.50 + $16.00 = $78.50. Each box is $40.00 ($36.00 if you subscribe). Although you get almost twice as much for what you would pay, $40 is still a lot for a mystery box albeit of full-sized products that fall into (still fairly broad) categories you select (ex. clear brow gel, matte eye shadow, powder blush, red lipstick, etc. — you still won’t know what combination of these you’ll get; for example, you could end up with no lipstick but with 2 nail polishes like in my case). I also found that my particular box was dominated by MyFace Cosmetics items. I don’t mind this since I haven’t tried any products from this company before, but it would have been nice to get more of a variety of brands. This is a big reason why I liked their previous makeup boxes based on “style profiles” more, since you get to see what’s in the boxes, more brands are represented in each box, and each box contains products that you can use for a complete look.

If you enjoy surprises and trying out new beauty products (and are willing to spend the money), then Wantable is something to look into. This would definitely be a great gift to send to that makeup addict family member/friend — they may be surprised to see new products they haven’t tried or heard of before! If Wantable brings back their style profiles, I would be more interested in trying more boxes — I like surprises, but for $40.00, I like seeing what I’d be getting, which the style profiles provided. Wantable also has a monthly Fashion Jewelry Box that I’d be interested in trying sometime as well. :)

Disclaimer: The products in this review were given for consideration by Wantable.co. Nerdy Girl Makeup does not represent any advertiser, affiliate, organization, public relations firm, or company. Opinions expressed are based on the author’s personal experience and research, without influence in any way. Nerdy Girl Makeup does not accept compensation for product reviews and does not guarantee reviews.

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MarieJanuary 9th, 2013 at 3:26 am

Thanks for the review! In my opinion, the price point is a little high. Maybe for $25-$30, I would be more willing to purchase a mystery box. I wouldn’t mind receiving different brands, but if you don’t really need a certain item or color and that is what you receive, then I would be a bit disappointed. It’s great that customer service is helpful- that’s always a major plus. How’s the quality of the jewelry sample they sent?

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