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Looks Archive

  • YellowAndBrownWithBlueGlitterEOTD

    Yellow and Brown with Blue Glitter EOTD

    Here's one way to combine subtle glitter to your eye makeup -- on top of your eyeliner! Apply a glitter liquid liner on top of a dark eyeliner to really bring out the color(s) of the glitter. For this Eye of the Day, I used a matte black gel liner with a sparkly blue glitter liquid liner. This is my first time using Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (love it!), but I'm also a big fan of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. Read more...
  • GrayBrownAndGoldLook

    Gray, Brown, and Gold Look

    This is the look I wore to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. The eye shadow colors remind me of the brown, gray, and gold iridescence found in turkey feathers. Try this makeup look for your next holiday gathering (especially with red lipstick)! Read more...
  • InglotColorfulEOTD

    Inglot Colorful EOTD

    This Eye of the Day shows how to incorporate gel eyeliners with lots of eye shadows to add even more color to your eye makeup. I used my new Ingot eye shadows and gel liners to create this look, but as with all my looks you can just use similar colors from any brand you like. Read more...
  • PalePinkAndBrownWithBrightPinkLipsLook

    Pale Pink and Brown with Bright Pink Lips Look

    When I want a bright pink lipstick to be the main focus of my makeup, I like to wear more of a neutral eye that integrates a light pink eye shadow. I also like to wear bright lipsticks when I don't have time to do much with my eyes. See how the bright lipstick stands out in the visually and historically "dark" scenery of the Tower of London! Read more...
  • CalFootballMakeupEOTD

    Cal Football Makeup EOTD

    Today is the 113th Big Game where college rivals Cal and Stanford meet annually for a highly anticipated game of football. :) I'm going to the game, so I came up with a makeup look to match my school colors -- Yale Blue (a dark blue color defined as the color of light with a 482-nm wavelength... yes, very nerdy) and California Gold. The bear on my face is Oski, the official mascot of the University of California, Berkeley. Read more...