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  • How to Create a Fake Beauty Mark - June 29th, 2010
  • Fake moles can be fun to wear, especially as an extra kick to Vintage Makeup looks! I like to make fake beauty marks three dimensional so that they look more realistic — it takes a little longer to do than making a dot with a pencil, but it has a very natural look to it. Here’s how to do this fun makeup technique!

  • Mixing Medium and How to Make Your Own - May 5th, 2010
  • Are there any alternatives to the MAC Pro Water Base Mixing Medium? The answer is yes! In a nutshell, mixing medium is basically water with some glycerin, and it’s commonly used with pigments/eye shadows to make the colors more vivid. Although I love using my MAC mixing medium, it’s only available at MAC Pro stores/website. However, there’s a cheap alternative — make your own! It’s really easy to do. Here are the steps to making your own homemade mixing medium!